Accompanying the main series of Planeshift are a series of novels depicting the lives of the children of the TV show's main characters. There is some debate among fans regarding whether or not these are considered part of the Planeshift canon. The books are published in paperback-sized hardcover format. Several stand-alone books have also been released exclusively as audiobooks, read by members of the Planeshift cast.

Novels Edit

No. Title Blurb Author Publication Date
I Kotasha Heir to the Empire. Being the firstborn child of the emperor and empress of the new world means you can have anything you want—except a normal life. Kotasha's had it with royalty, but when enemies lure Dyr and Tsadok away from the capital, she may have no choice but to embrace her heritage... Sarah Pinborough June 6 2015
II Faedrin Child of Two Worlds. Heaven is a safe and beautiful place to grow up, but lately rumors of trouble in the mortal realms have reached even as far as the moon. Travel between planes is getting harder every day. When the borders begin to close, Faedrin will have to choose between the world he knows and the world he might be able to save... Mark Morris June 6 2015
III Veritas A Solitary Quest. Veritas has spent her whole life in the safety of her clutch of siblings. Even when she's suddenly stranded on her own, she's confident that her heritage will give her all the tools she needs to survive. But when you can change how others see you at the drop of a hat, it's hard to figure out who you truly are... James Goss December 14 2015
IV Rhea A Wizard in Training. Rhea practically grew up in the Mages' Guild, so when she is finally old enough to enroll as a student she's not expecting many surprises—after all, her mother is in charge of the place. The Mages' Guild existed long before Lowen, though, and Rhea begins to discover that it still contains secrets from long ago... Sarah Pinborough April 27 2016
V Ilmryn Son of a Hero. Ilmryn's mother disappeared when he was six, leaving him in a grieving country with a father who never intended to raise a child. It's not an easy way to grow up. When he finds a message that Asmun left for him, though, he'll have to let go of his resentment to discover what it means... Anita Sullivan October 22 2016

Audiobooks Edit

Title Author Narrator Publication Date
Traveling Light Emma Reaves Tom Hiddleston August 1 2015
Spellcraft Matt Fitton Jasika Nicole November 25 2015
A New Time Jenny T Colgon Kate Mulgrew February 10 2016
Return AK Benedict Celina Jade July 14 2016
TBA TBA Chris Hemsworth January 2107